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My Study Routine that helped to Score Good Marks

My Study Routine that helped to Score Good Marks

Hey Guys, 
My Name is Abhinav and today we are going to talk something interesting. I am perusing my BCA (Last Year) and thanks to God I am maintaining more than 90% throughout my BCA. 
Some of my friends ask me “What is your Study Routine”? How am I able to score more than 90% every time? Well that’s not a rocket science, it is quite simple. I always try to follow 5 things in my study routine which help me to score good marks. 
Following are those 5 things:
1. Always Pick a Place and Time: Everybody has their own thought regarding the best spot and time to study. Regardless of whether it’s your room around evening time or the library after school, discover a study space and a standard time that works for you and stick with it. 
Set up your study space – Your study space ought to hush up, comfortable and interruption free. It should cause you to feel glad and motivated. Beautify it with your number one pictures or some other interesting things. If you want to listen to music or burn incense, pick a space that allows you to do that. 
Figure out your best time – Some individuals work better in the first part of the day. Others work better around evening time. Work out which time suits you and plan to concentrate then, at that point. Try not to concentrate a lot later than your typical sleep time – propelling yourself late around evening time can make you too tired to even consider study appropriately.

2. Plan your time: It helps with having a few plans moving so you can take advantage of your study time. I follow few things to plan my Time-
*Setting Alarms
*Wall Planner
*Making to-do lists etc.

3. Everyday Study:
If you study somewhat consistently or every day, you’ll be reviewing things in your mind. This assists you with getting and understanding things. It additionally assists you with staying away from the pressure of last-minute study.
Studying everyday will also prevent you from studying late night just before the one or two days before exams. I always study 2/3 hours from the starting of the semester itself.

4. Revision and Reviewing:
At least once in a week I revise the things which I have studied in the class earlier.   Thoroughly reviewing things helps me with understanding the concepts and assist me with recalling when I need them the most.
To follow this Revision process, I play Quiz and Make my own Notes. 

5. I Take Breaks:
It’s essential to take breaks while you’re studying, particularly in case you’re feeling tired or frustrated. Working too long on a task can really affect your performance.  
When I take a break, I ensure I move away from my work area or study space. A touch of physical – even a small walk – help me to burn out my tiredness or pressure.
That’s all Guys. I hope above my thigs will help you to plan out your studies. “All the Best” and “God Bless”

Now “where do I Study”?
I am perusing my BCA from Williams International College, Bangalore. 
My Review on about Williams International College:
The Williams International College is located near RT Nagar are in Bangalore. In my opinion this is one of the Best College in RT Nagar to do BCA. They have very experienced faculties and have depth knowledge. The faculty always helps students to clear their doubt. I am a student who always have doubts, but thanks to faculty of Williams International College, they never say “NO” to any doubt and always give their best.
The Williams International College has very good infrastructure. They have very good and high classrooms with Projector etc. They also have very good equipped “Computer Labs”. 
Other Facilities which we at Williams International College:
*Sports Ground
In my opinion this is the best BCA College in RT Nagar area in Bangalore.

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