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Top 10 scholarships to study in the UK for international students

Top 10 scholarships to study in the UK for international students

The UK is well-known for its high-quality education, shorter duration courses, and friendly immigration policies. But studying there can be expensive.


Also known for its history, language, culture, and innovation, the UK is one of the most popular study destinations globally. The sovereign state houses universities established in the 12th and 13th centuries. You indeed do receive a world-class qualification studying in the UK. Studying in the UK would be a life-changing experience for any student. However, such quality education is expensive. The good news is that the UK offers a comprehensive support system to international students and has an average student retention rate of around 82 percent. In short, there’s an array of options for scholarships to study in the UK. 

Why do I need a scholarship to study in the UK?

Getting an education in the UK is costlier than doing so in most countries. And receiving a scholarship to study in the UK can help you achieve your dreams. Whether you want to progress in your career, bring opportunity and change to your community, or start your own business, education in the UK can help.

Many financial support options are available to help you fund your studies in the UK, such as scholarships, fellowships, grants, monetary awards, bursaries, and loans. So, why not just apply for a scholarship to study in the UK?

How much funding is available through scholarships to study in the UK?

The scholarship amount varies from institution to institution. Open for meritorious students worldwide, to study in the UK can be partially or fully paid as per the institution, course, and criteria. 

In general, most UK student scholarships pay for your tuition fee in full or partially. Still, some scholarships award other forms of help like airfare, living expenses, and visa fee based on your background and academic excellence. Additionally, some research programs also provide a scholarship covering up to 100 percent of your tuition fees – around 10,000 GBP, besides covering a part of your living expenses. 

Securing government scholarships is more competitive than getting university scholarships in the UK. Start the procedure to avail a scholarship to study in the UK around 8 to 12 months before the intake of your preferred course begins. The British Council and associated organizations manage scholarships and other financial aid to study in the UK.

Who is eligible to apply for scholarships to study in the UK?

When applying for UK scholarships, the competition can be fierce Some of the best scholarship providers consider your previous academic history before awarding you a scholarship. So if you can prove that you are a top student with splendid academics and impressive achievements, you are more likely to score an international scholarship in the UK.

While the essential criterion to get a scholarship to study in UK is an excellent academic score, factors like your chosen subject, destination, background, athletic prowess, and level of study also make a difference. For some UK scholarships, criteria such as volunteering and extracurricular activities can also be a significant factor. 

However, each scholarship has its own eligibility criteria. While a mere application is sufficient to apply for some scholarships, others may need you to fulfill several additional conditions. Contact the university admission center of your chosen university to clarify any doubts.

List of scholarships to study in the UK for Indian students 

Studying in the UK can be affordable for you if you plan your application properly. You can apply to many different scholarships offered by the British government, private and public establishments, and universities and colleges. 

Following is the list of scholarships to study in the UK-

Chevening Scholarship

This global scholarship program of the Government of the UK supports talented professionals who have shown exceptional performance and leadership skills in their fields. The high commission and British embassies make the selection from the applications towards Chevening Scholarship or Fellowship.

The fully funded Chevening Scholarship includes tuition fees, living expenses, and airfare. The scholarship is available for 12 months if your course runs for that period. Nevertheless, it can be extended past the first year under special circumstances if the Foreign & Commonwealth Office approves.

Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships (CWIT)

Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships are offered specifically to Indian students with experience in arts, humanities, or heritage conservation and are in the early or mid-stage of their careers. CWIT Scholarships for Indian students include fully funded awards like grants for research visits, grants for doctoral study, visiting fellowships, and grants to attend Scottish Universities Summer School. The amount and duration of the scholarship may vary.

Every year the CWIT offers up to ten awards. CWIT Scholarships are awarded only for one-year courses and cover tuition fees, accommodation and living costs, and a part of international fares.

Rhodes Scholarships 

Every year, five Rhodes Scholarships are offered to students to study at the University of Oxford. They are offered based on leadership, character, exceptional intellect, and commitment to service. 

Rhodes Scholarships cover university and college fees and two airfares at the start and conclusion of the scholarship. It also offers a personal stipend.

GREAT Scholarships

The British Council and the UK Government’s GREAT Britain Campaign jointly fund GREAT Scholarships. These comprise 99 post-graduate scholarships offered in a variety of subjects from 36 different UK universities. However, for Indian students, a total of 12 UK institutions offers 13 post-graduate scholarships. 

Each GREAT Scholarship amounts to a minimum of 10,000 GBP. This is equivalent to a year’s tuition fee for a post-graduate degree.

Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship

These scholarships are offered from Commonwealth countries by the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the UK. International students wanting to pursue a master’s, or a Ph.D. in the UK can fund their education with this scholarship. Students can complete a one-year master’s degree or a three-year Ph.D. with this scholarship. The Ministry of Human Resource Development makes the selection for the scholarship.

Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship covers tuition fees, airfare, and some maintenance expenses.

Other scholarships to study in the UK for Indian students

Below is the list of some other top scholarships to study in the UK-

Scotland Saltire Scholarships

The scholarships from the Scottish government and universities award 50 students for a one-year, full-time post-graduation course in healthcare, science, technology, and creative industries. The value of the award is 8,000 GBP and covers tuition fees for a year of master’s study in Scotland.

Erasmus Mundus

Erasmus Mundus offers scholarships to students wanting to pursue a joint master’s degree in colleges affiliated with the Erasmus Mundus program. It is one of the popular scholarships in the UK among Indian students, who often bag the most number of Erasmus Mundus scholarships worldwide.

British Council Creative Economy Scholarships

The Creative Economy scholarship program is announced by the British Council in partnership with four leading universities of the UK for students and young professionals from India.

British Council Scholarships for women in STEM

The British Council has started a scholarship program in partnership with 19 universities in the UK. This program is for women with STEM backgrounds from South Asia, the Americas, and Southeast Asia. 


As education in the UK is costly, funding opportunities and scholarships to study in the UK are highly sought-after. Hence, getting UK scholarships is highly competitive for all international students. However, as UK universities hunt for the most talented students, a growing number of scholarships to study in the UK are being offered.

So, if you are sure of pursuing your higher education in the UK and have finalized your university and college, it’s time to get a scholarship to study in the UK.

If you’re still not sure which scholarships you should apply for, feel free to drop a comment or reach us. We’d be very happy to help!

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